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May 28, 2012

Why they whisked me away

I heard mommy and daddy talking with one of my doctors, he is the cool man 

with red hi‐top tennis shoes.  His name is Dr. Wommack, 

 and he was telling my mommy and daddy that I would 

need to have surgery soon and that my life was dependent on this surgery.  I 

would gradually breathe harder and harder until my surgery.  I heard my 

daddy say "We will do anything and everything to give Joseph a good life."  

Mommy readily agreed!  This is what he explained to them.  Joseph has 

Truncus arteriosus and possibly a bad valve as well.  Further tests and scans 

of the heart would tell them more.

Truncus arteriosus (TRUNG‐kus ahr‐teer‐e‐O‐sus), or persistent truncus 

arteriosus, is a rare heart defect that's present at birth (congenital). If your 

baby has truncus arteriosus, one large vessel, instead of two separate vessels, 

leads out of the heart. Also, the two lower chambers of the heart are missing a 

Joseph Matthew

My Life's Journey